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Scottish Genealogical Reference Material
An extensive list of parish numbers and microfilm numbers to aid in doing Scottish research at any LDS Family History Center worldwide.
World Wide WILLS Family History Center
A central location on the internet for researchers and relatives of the surname WILLS throughout the world.
Surname WILLS in Scotland
All occurrences of the surname WILLS I've come across in my research in Scotland whether related to me or not.
My Own Family Research
My own family information chiefly from Dundee & Edinburgh, Scotland and Detroit & Marshall, Michigan.
My Ancestry DNA Map
Results of my dna.ancestry.com genetic DNA mapping.
Family Artifacts
Some Pictures of WILLS family artifacts.
My NEW weather station
Running Springs, CA
7 Day Forecast
Wunderground 7 day weather forecast for Running Springs, CA
Scottish Events
Scottish Clubs
Scottish Pipe Bands
List of mostly California Scottish Games, Events, Clubs and Pipe Band websites, dates and locations.
2017-2018 College Football
Schedules for the college football teams we follow

Weather Underground PWS KCARUNNI7 /

Weather Underground PWS KCAPASAD76


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